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Welcome to Jango’s website from the play & party team at Jango’s Childrens Indoor Play & Party Centre Mansfield

Your ONLY local award winning Childrens Play Centre in the Mansfield & Ashfield area, since 2009. 

…over 471,500* visitor’s aged 0 to 11 can’t be wrong!!!

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Let the kids burn off some energy at Jango’s!!!

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]We are so proud to have once again retained our ‘5’ food hygiene rating, February 2017 following our Mansfield District Council HOT certification in November 2016

5 star food hyhiene rating

Jango’s is proud to announce its support of Bluebell Wood Hospice raising £’s from our events for this vital service to families in our region


Open whatever the weather!!!**

What? Kids Eat for £1!!!!

You have heard the rumours!, bring along your little ones Monday to Friday, during term time and from 10.00am to 15.00pm, when you purchase one adults meal valued £3.95 and over in a single transaction you are entitled to purchase one childs meal for just £1!

Great Value!!

Have you heard about Jango’s Pre Pay Play Card?

Save yourself £££££’s with this innovative special offer.

Simply purchase your Pre Pay Play Card from the servery during your next family visit to your favourite childrens indoor play centre and you will save more than 20% on normal entrance prices, can be used any time Monday to Friday, term Time only.

Aged 1 to 3 just £2.75
Aged 4 to 11 just £3.95
Adult charge still applies.


See our downloads page for all things related to the characters that we have made available for you to download, this will change and update regularly so keep visiting!

So, any more questions about Jango’s? Please contact us we will do our utmost to help with your query.

When Lazy Town came to Jango’s Children’s Indoor Play Centre….

We had a wonderful fun-filled time when Sportacus and Stephanie (yes, the real ones off the telly!!!) from the childrens’ favourite LAZYTOWN came to visit our play centre! Here are a few photos from the day.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Photos from other great events are here!


We are proud to announce that Jango’s won the ‘Best New Site’ category in the 3rd annual ASPIRE Awards

(Awards for the Play Industry Recognising Excellence).
ASPIRE is the award for play operators, designed to reward excellence in a number of areas associated with successful play provision.


We would like to thank all our customers without whom we would not have been able to enter these awards.

Jango’s Children’s Indoor Play Centre is a proud member of BALPPA – the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions


For more information on Jango’s click here...

“Play is a child’s first claim on the community. No community can infringe that right without doing deep and enduring harm to the minds and bodies of its citizens” (Lloyd George, 1926)

*visitor figures taken from data recorded from October 2009 to December 2017
**We may choose to close early in cases of extreme inclemency for the safety and consideration of both our Customers and Team Members where all determining factors are considered and satisfied.
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This is Jango The Jester…
Wait ’til you meet all his fantastic Best friends!

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