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About Jango’s Children’s Indoor Play Centre

Everyone asks us “where on earth did we get the name from?”, OK we will clear this up, although the speculation amongst folk is great, we have had feedback on all sorts of suggestions of its origin!!!
Jango is the name of Julie’s brother’s cat!!

And here he is…

Jango The Cat Jango The Cat- close up

I’ll bet you are going AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! aren’t you?

Yup, it’s that simple, Jango is a gorgeous blue persian cat… ok, so where did his name come from?

Well we checked and as most folk have guessed it comes from the character ‘Jango Fett’ from ‘Star Wars’!

During our intense research into play centres nationwide we were sick of uninspirational centre names, there are so many called by the same name, WHY?, play this, play that, loads a monkey related or animal related, apathetic plays on sweet related words, why don’t play providers / operators challenge themselves? so we were intent on introducing something absolutely unique and original to the play industry, and to ensure this we even copyrighted the Jango’s brand & logo.

The character set for Jango’s Children’s Indoor Play Centre has been created to our precise brief, and after numerous meetings with our super design team we finally met ‘Jango the Jester’ along with his friends, ‘Nero the Knight’, ‘Wally Wizard’, ‘Princess Pinky’, ‘Scorch the baby Dragon’, ‘King Kasper’ and also ‘Queen Leela’.

Jango’s Children’s Indoor Play Centre

Jango’s Indoor Play Centre opened its doors in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, October 2009 at Sandlands Court, Mansfield, opposite Asda at Forest Town. The Jango’s concept has been created by Play,Inc. Limited, a company formed by Julie & Marcus Warren, a lifelong local couple with three children, with one aim – to provide the Mansfield/Ashfield area with an outstanding facility for safe and secure indoor play for children to the age of 11.

A culmination of 4 years research into indoor play providers nationwide determined the standard that Jango’s was eager to improve upon, so many operators are trying to fit everything in to the smallest possible room with total disregard for the comfort and safety of the visiting children and adults alike. Jango’s Children’s Indoor Play Centre provides a safe and secure environment for all, with all facilities in place, including a dedicated baby change room with 2 changing areas, toilets with multiple cubicles, a dedicated disabled toilet and dedicated first aid room, all inspected for cleanliness on a minimum hourly basis. We challenge you to find another indoor play facility, locally or nationally, with these basics for comfort in place.

Play, Inc. Limited

Play, Inc. Limited was formed in 2006 by Julie and Marcus Warren.

A lifelong local couple, Julie was born in Langwith and Marcus in Sutton in Ashfield, their inspiration for creating Play, Inc. are their three children, who, like all young children, have boundless energy, and with few local facilities to use some of this energy Julie & Marcus were finding themselves travelling further and further afield to find a childrens play centre that offered ‘everything’.

So, after a number of years, and an immense amount of research into setting an indoor play centre up, Play, Inc. was formed.

It then took another couple of years to find the ‘right’ premises, Sandlands Court was a brand new development in Mansfield and Play Inc was able to agree a purpose built  8000sq. ft. unit, its position adjacent to Mansfield ASDA and KFC meant the site was both perfectly sized and perfectly located.

Thus , the Largest Dedicated Indoor Play Facility in Nottinghamshire at over 8000 square feet and almost 8 metres high, was opened.

Jango’s Children’s Indoor Play Centre is a member of The Play Providers Association

ppa-logoJango’s Children’s Indoor Play Centre is a member of The Federation of Sports and Play

fspawebSo, any more questions about Jango’s? Please contact us we will do our utmost to help with your query.


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This is Jango The Jester…
Wait ’til you meet all his fantastic Best friends!