Entrance for children under the age of 1 to Jango’s is absolutely FREE when they accompany a full paying child*

Are you a Registered Childminder?

Are you bored of taking the children in your care to the tired older facilities in Mansfield, Ashfield and surrounding areas?

Well, Jango’s Indoor Play Centre is here!!!

…and we aim to save you money and put smiles on childrens faces!!

Contact us now for incredible money saving offers

Jango’s Indoor Play Centre brings you Nottinghamshire’s most outstanding Indoor Play Facility to Mansfield, and we would like to invite you to take advantage of a dedicated money saving offer available ONLY to Registered Childminders.

We understand the value of your work within our community, in fact, we had the pleasure of the piece of mind that comes when we left our children in the capable hands of a Childminder for almost 5 years, which enabled both of us to remain at work, in recognition of this contribution we would like to offer the following incredible deal…

A minimal 50p charge for adults or children over the age of 11 and not wishing to play will apply.


All your drinks, Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate are only £1 and during Term Time YOU CAN STAY HERE AS LONG AS YOU LIKE!! If you want toppings it might cost you a little more….

Remember we have an incredible menu sure to satisfy the greatest of appetites!!

All that you need to do to take advantage of these offers is forward your name, address and numbers of children in your care upon your first visit or to the following email link, then we will have your details already on file for quick access in to the centre, simply bring your NCMA card along on each visit… and enjoy!!!

Childminders entrance prices are available only during term time, however on presentation of your childminding registration card you can still benefit from special priced childminders drinks for just £1.00.

Email us your details at
We would also really welcome your comments and suggestions for Jango’s Indoor Play Centre, please direct these to the same email.

See you there!!!
Marcus & Julie

*when accompanying a full paying sibling or fellow child.

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