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The massive play equipment structure at Jango’s has been designed to ensure children of all ages, from 0 to 11+, enjoy play in its most unadulterated form. With obstacles and slides, balls and climbs purposely placed to challenge all the youngsters and parents alike.

This birds eye view of Jango’s clearly shows the size of the soft play equipment installed, with the Giant 4 Lane, 6 metres Astra Slide taking pride of place and centrally nestled in the building (the largest slide in a dedicated indoor play centre in Nottinghamshire!!!), the full sized Sports Area with basketball hoops and football nets, perfect for a game with friends, 2 challenging V Rope Bridges, numerous vertical and horizontal rollers, the incredible Jango Spinner, Jango’s has 2 Ball Sky Glide Rollers and many many more challenges that keep the children occupied!!

And we at Jango’s don’t forget our smaller children, having a dedicated Baby Area with ample soft play equipment and sensory equipment, and the largest Toddlers Area in North Nottinghamshire, all the fun and challenges of the main play area but smaller, it even has its own slide!!! and specifically for the Toddlers the Largest Ball Shower around with thousands of colourful balls.

For peace of mind for all parents, there is no access from each separate area to the next, meaning that if your child has entered the Baby or Toddlers Area, unless they have exited that area you will know where they are, this should help to make monitoring your childs play experience a little easier!!

Photos of Jango’s Indoor Play Centre

Enough seating for 160 people, not including seating for up to 70 children attending parties !!!!!

The Largest 4 Lane, 6 metres Giant Astra slide available

Fancy a game in the biggest Sports Area in a dedicated Indoor Play Centre in Nottinghamshire?

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