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What is Jango’s Connect?

This is Jango’s Indoor Play Centres unique & absolutely free of charge way to ‘connect’ with YOU, our customers.
Once you subscribe to Jango’s Connect we will regularly send newsletters to the email you provide, informing you of everything that is currently happening, and will be happening at your favourite indoor play centre.

Jango’s will contact you about special events and current promotions.
There will also be discount entry and food & beverage vouchers exclusive to all persons registered on Jango’s Connect available throughout the year, notification of these discounts and how to download the vouchers will be forwarded to the email address you provide at periods to be determined.

We are constantly dreaming up new ideas of how we can help you to enjoy Jango’s Indoor Play Centre, if there are further ideas that you think we should put in place and may possibly be a valuable addition to Jango’s Connect, please contact us.

The only information we require for you to subscribe to Jango’s Connect is simply your name and email address and check the ‘subscribe’ button. To unsubscribe from Jango’s Connect simply click on the link sent with the welcome message email or contact us and we will delete your information on your behalf.

All information gathered by Jango’s Indoor Play Centre and Play, Inc. Limited will be used solely for the processing and purposes of advertising and marketing Jango’s Indoor Play Centre, its activities, goods, or services and promoting public relations only in connection with this business or activities.

This exemption from the Data Protection Act 1998 only applies to data controllers who are advertising and marketing their own goods and services.

Simply use the small form on the right of this web page and provide the name / username and the email address you would like the newsletter to be sent to, in the relevant boxes.

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