Jangos Indoor Play Centre Photo Gallery

Just for fun, here are some great pictures of the jangos dream becoming a reality. From the steelworks and the first breeze blocks being laid, right up to the final stages of the play centre being furnished, this is one roller-coaster of a journey! Enjoy!

Jangos Lazy Town Event Gallery

Here are a few of the hundreds of photos we were given by customers who experienced the fantastic time we had when Sportacus and Stephanie, Magnus Scheving and Julianna Rose Mauriello, from the children’s favourite Lazy Town Television programme came to Mansfield specially to visit the Jango’s Indoor Play Centre!

Jangos Halloween Gallery

What a brilliant time we all have at Jango’s incredible Halloween parties. Fantastic costumes and loads of ghoulish fun are always the name of the game!

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This is Jango The Jester…
Wait ’til you meet all his fantastic Best friends!